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How to Submit your Application to the Myo Market

How to Submit your Application to the Myo Market

So you want to get one of those sweet Myo Developer T-shirts before the offer closes. You make an awesome Myo Script, build an amazing game in Unity, or make that killer mobile app you've been thinking about. Now what? How do you actually get your app into the Myo Market so you can qualify (and get it into the hands of some users).

Easy. I'll walk you through it.

Getting Started

First, you want to head over to You'll need to login with your Myo ID (or create one if you don't have one already. This is different from the forums login. Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter!).


Once you've created an account or logged in, you'll also need to set up your Developer Profile. This is what users will see in the Myo Market when they look at your app. In particular, you need a name and a support email address or website. This is how users will contact you if there are any problems, so it's quite important.

Developer Profile

Once you've filled that out, head back to the Myo Market Developer portal.

Once you're in, you will be sitting at an empty dashboard prompting you to make a new application. Do that! You'll need to come up with a good name. Be careful! It has to be unique, and you can't change it later.

Dashboard and name

Five Steps to Submission

Once you've put in the name and hit the "Get Started" button, we're in the application creation process proper. This is also what you'll see if you want to submit an update to your application later.

There are five separate pages you need to fill out, but they are pretty straightforward. The form autosaves all the time, so take your time and make a good submission.


The first page you see is for uploading your actual application.


You can submit Windows or OSX packagaes, or a connector. You can also provide links to your application in iTunes, the Mac App store, Google Play, or just an arbitrary website. Use that last one for apps hosted on places like Steam or the Humble Store, something self-hosted, or a website built with myo.js.

Before you upload, make sure you have your Application ID set correctly. In a Myo Script, that's the scriptId variable, but in the other SDKs it's something you pass into your Hub object when you create it. If this is not set, or set to the same thing as one of the sample applications (or any other application, actually), it will be rejected.

Also, if you are submitting a Myo Script, you will now have the value you need to set the scriptDetailsUrl.


You can submit multiple files (if you have an Android an iOS version of your app, say), but you need to make sure you pick at least one. Obviously.

Market Listing

This page has all the text details of your app. A short description (that will show on your app's thumbnail in the main gallery view), and the full description. Give a full account of what your app is all about, how you use it, any special considerations (like where to get the base application if you are submitting a Connector) and things like that. If needed, you can add hyperlinks to your description using HTML.


You also need to pick categories, which will influence how people find your application if they are just browsing the Market.


The last part of this page is the Gesture Guide. Pick the gestures your app uses (including rotation, panning, and EMG data), and give a short description of what they do. These are designed to be short and to the point. If you need more space to explain the controls, you can put that detail in the description field. Or better yet, in the application itself.


You need a small collection of visual resources to submit an app to the Myo Market.


  1. A square icon that's at least 512x512 pixels, optimally 1024x1024.
  2. A cover image. This will be the backdrop for your icon. It should be 16:9 with a minimum width of 1200px
  3. Other images (generally screen shots, but can also be photos of, say, the drone your app controls, or someone using your application, or what have you). They need to be at least 960x640 (landscape) or 640x960 (portrait)
  4. (Optionally) Links to YouTube or Vimeo videos. A trailer, or product demo, or tutorial video. Whatever you think your app needs. Minimum resolution is 480p, but come on. It's 2015.


This is where you put version number and release notes for your application. We'll publish the release notes directly to the Myo Market update thread, so make sure they are useful.

Version and privacy

If you have (or need) a privacy policy, there is space for that as well.

From there, you just need to make sure you comply with the Myo Market Submission Guidelines and US Export Laws, as well as agreeing to the Myo Market Developer Agreement.


The last step is review. Just make sure everything is how you expect it, then hit submit!


Easy peasy. If you made a mistake, you can hit the "revert to draft" button and fix whatever you need. The review process will take a few days, but when we're done you'll get an email saying whether your app was accepted or rejected (and why). If it's rejected, just fix it up and submit a new version.

Good luck!

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