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Kaiju Carnage Now in the Myo Market!

Kaiju Carnage Now in the Myo Market!

Life is simple for a Kaiju monster. You have claws. You like to smash things. Buildings are bad. Lasers are good.

Time to rampage through cities.

Kaiju Carnage, developed by Other Ocean, is a gesture control game that lets you claw, smash, and shoot nuclear lasers through the 1940’s United States using hand gestures and the motions of your arm.

With Kaiju Carnage, Other Ocean got the chance to create a game specifically for the Myo armband. Through a partnership with Thalmic Labs, Other Ocean is encouraging players to get their hands into gesture control.

Check out our video of Kaiju Carnage in action above, or for PC users, you can try it out for yourself: it’s free to download in the Myo Market!

Kaiju Carnage is a simple demonstration of what Myo can do with huge implications for the future. Once developers have the time to create truly rich and immersive gesture-controlled experiences, we’ll transform the landscape of gaming.

Now it’s your turn to play! Send us photos, videos and feedback on Facebook or Twitter using #KaijuCarnage.

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