North (formerly Thalmic Labs), the creator of the Myo armband, was acquired by Google in June 2020. Myo sales ended in October 2018 and Myo software, hardware and SDKs are no longer available or supported. Learn more.

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The Myo™ Alpha Program has begun!

The Myo™ Alpha Program has begun!

Thalmic Labs is proud to announce that the Myo Alpha Program has officially begun. The Myo Alpha Program is a unique opportunity for select developers to get their hands on an early version of the Myo armband and have early access to the Myo SDK. This is a really exciting program for us here at Thalmic as well as our developer community. It allows eager developers to begin building their exciting applications using the Myo armband and it gives us the chance to collect valuable feedback. This feedback helps us uncover issues, fix bugs, and focus our development on the most requested features. All of this helps us optimize the Myo device and prepare us for the shipment of our Myo Developer Kits later this year.

We shipped our first batch of Myo Alpha armbands in December 2013 and we will continue to ship in waves over the next little while. We’re continuously reviewing applicants and selecting those with the most impressive ideas and who have the necessary skills to build something amazing. If you haven’t already applied to be part of the Myo Alpha Program, I encourage you to apply now on our developer website. Those selected will receive an official invitation via email over the next few months.

If you have any questions, you can always turn to the Thalmic Labs Developer Forum. This is the best place to post ideas, ask questions, and talk about the Myo armband and SDK. The forums already contain some great discussions and are the best place to find the most up-to-date information.


In the case that you aren’t selected for the Myo Alpha Program but you still want to develop, not to worry! We recently introduced the option of pre-ordering a Myo Developer Kit so all of our developers are able to bring their ideas to life. Not completely sure what the difference is? Check out the legend below.

Myo Alpha Unit – This version is being sent to select developers and partners based on the applications submitted for early access. These units are not available for preorder and are the very earliest version of the Myo armband following the prototypes.

Myo Developer Kit – This version will have the same hardware as the final units, but will be shipping at an earlier date with only access to the API and no consumer applications readily available. These units are intended for developers who wish to get their hands on the development tools at an earlier stage. We will also be providing software and firmware updates for this version, making it just as up to date as the final Myo armband once it is released.

Final Myo Armband – This is the consumer friendly version of the Myo armband. These units will have the most up to date software out of the box and consumer applications will be readily available. Please note that you will also be able to develop with this version once we have released our SDK for all to enjoy.

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