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Myo Connect 0.9.0: Keyboard Mapper and Battery Indicator

Myo Connect 0.9.0: Keyboard Mapper and Battery Indicator

Myo Connect 0.9.0 has been released! If you haven't updated yet, right click on Myo Connect and select "Check for Updates". We've also updated the Myo armband firmware to v1.2.995. That comes with reduced double tap false positives, so give it a try!

We also added two very highly requested features:

Battery indicator

Battery Indicator

Pretty straight forward, now you can see how charged your Myo armband is right in Myo Connect.

Keyboard Mapper

Now, if you've read my tutorial series you'll hopefully agree that writing a Myo Script is actually pretty easy. I would definitely encourage you to try it.

If you just want to map five poses to button presses (maybe use the mouse) you don't have to know how to script anymore. Now we have a dead simple keyboard mapper built right into Myo Connect. Just click on the Keyboard Mapper option in the Myo Connect menu, you'll see this:

Keyboard Mapper

By default it's set to use double tap with the standard timed unlock, but you can change that.

Choose an Action

You can actually set double tap to do whatever you like, and set any gesture to control locking. Or just have it unlocked all the time.

If you pick "Map a Key" or "Map a Mouse Click" you'll get taken to a screen like this:

Press Any Key

Just do what it says! Press the key on your keyboard (or mouse) that you want that gesture to activate.

Once you've mapped all your poses, you can either just activate your setup right now, or hit export. Exporting will allow you to target your Connector to specific applications. Yes, we're actually building a full Connector in Myo Script behind the scenes for you.

Exporting Your Connector


This screen may need a bit of explanation. Connector name is pretty straightforward (call it whatever you want), but if you want to have your Connector only work with a specific application in the foreground, you have two choices. The first, and most robust, is to select the actual application from the Application drop down. If that is an option, do that.

When would it not be an option? If you want to control a specific webpage. You may not want your Connector to be active for every instance of Chrome if you just want to control Imgur. That's where the Window Name comes in. In most browsers the name of the window will update with whatever webpage you are on. So you just need to figure out a small bit of relatively unique text that is always in the window name.

For example, if you go to a few Imgur albums and pictures you'll notice that the titles take the form of <Gallery or image name> - Album on Imgur or <picture name> - Imgur or a bunch of other things. The key though, is that "Imgur" always shows up. So we would put that in for our Window Name.


Once that's done, hit Export. Myo Connect will prompt you to install your brand new, custom built Connector.

Congratulations, you can now Myo-enable applications on your own!

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