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Myo Game Night!!

Myo Game Night!!

We’re closing in on our goal of shipping all Myo Developer Kits, (which you can pre-order here) and we decided to let off some steam with a Myo Game Night! In true Thalmic Labs style, it was mostly coding.

Paul has a series up explaining how to script for the Myo armband (1,2,3,4,5,6) that will get anyone — anyone — writing their own scripts to control games and software. He’s broken things down so simply, and the Myo armband is designed to be so easy on coders, that he’s converted all of us into little programmers. You basically just go “wave right to do this thing” (with a LUA hat on it) and it works.

To flex our new skills, we had a little competition: who is the cleverest at making their hand into a controller?

We all play games with the Myo armband at home, and (since most of us happen to live in the same apartment building) we have a good idea of who’s the best head-to-head Myo Gamer. But who is the best at writing controls for a game? We had to head into the thunderdome to find out.

Writing controls for the Myo armband is always an interesting puzzle. Is the best way to steer a car moving your hand back and forth (using the “yaw” of the armband), or is it to roll your arm in the air like a steering wheel? What about if you add a gesture, like fist, to sharpen your turn around a tight corner? What if you ignore motion completely, and use waving in and out gestures to steer? How should you fire missiles and boosters?

These questions are endlessly fascinating to us. But it was time to end the speculation and sort the winners from the losers by pitting the methods against each other!

Obviously, scripting is just the beginning for gaming with the Myo armband. This is how we plug gesture control into the current computer gaming ecosystem. Once developers start producing games designed for the Myo armband, with the player’s hand in mind as a controller from day one, it takes the whole experience into the stratosphere.

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