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Myo Scripting Orientation and Gestures Part Four: Jump! Jump!

Myo Scripting Orientation and Gestures Part Four: Jump! Jump!

Part Four: Jump! Jump!

Hello again. Today, in part four of our tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to jump! Parts one, two, and three (now updated for Beta 7) here.

But first, this is the way for us to correctly calculate the delta between two radians:

function calculateDeltaRadians(currentYaw, centreYaw)  
        local deltaYaw = currentYaw - centreYaw

        if (deltaYaw > PI) then
            deltaYaw = deltaYaw - TWOPI
        elseif(deltaYaw < -PI) then
            deltaYaw = deltaYaw + TWOPI
        return deltaYaw

Jump! Jump! Everybody Jump!

Flying left and right is pretty good of course, but there is another command we’re missing. Try nabbing one of these glowing green things:

Jump pickup

Once you do, you’ll unlock a single-shot jump ability that you trigger with the spacebar:


What’s a good gesture for this action? We’re already using fist and fingers spread. Double tap is really for unlocking something. We haven’t used wave in/out yet, but we’re going to use them later too. Also, waving left or right doesn’t exactly scream “jump” to me.

Here’s the thing though: It doesn’t have to be left or right.

Try holding your arm out, rolling it 90(ish) degrees toward your body, and doing wave out. That “wave up” gesture feels kinda like a jump action to me. To be honest, wave in/down feels OK too. Rotating the other way also works, but to me feels a bit awkward. Let’s just do them all (though we’ll definitely exclude the standard wave left/right because you already know how to do that, and this is a useful technique. Hey, I’m here to teach you new things.)

The first thing we need to do is centre the roll value when we centre our yaw. We should also start keeping track of the change in roll in onPeriodic. Retrieving roll works like you would expect. Use what you learned when implementing the rudder to calculate and store deltaRoll in a global variable.

Once you’ve got that working, if you start logging the value of deltaRoll you may notice something. The Myo armband doesn’t actually rotaate all that much before you are in the position to do a wave up or wave down. For me, it’s about .4-6 radians inward, and -1 outward. Not the consistent +/- 1.5ish radians (or 90 degrees) that you might expect. That’s, well, because of how arms work. If you watch the Myo logo while you rotate, you will see it doesn’t move nearly as much as your hand. Keep that in mind when you’re using rotation.

Try it yourself to see how it works for you. I’m going to consider the arm rotated whenever it’s passed .2 radians (about 10 degrees). Call that our roll deadzone. Then modify onPoseEdge such that if the user does wave out or wave in and the absolute value of deltaRoll is bigger than the roll deadzone, it triggers the Jump command.

On Monday, I’ll be back with the answer (and actually the whole script we’ve written to this point, in case you got lost). See you then!

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