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3D Printing

#MyoCraft 3D Print your own Myo Bluetooth Adapter Clip

#MyoCraft 3D Print your own Myo Bluetooth Adapter Clip

We've got something a bit different for this week's #MyoCraft. As you know, to connect your Myo armband to your PC or Mac, you need to use the included Bluetooth dongle. If you are traveling or switching computers a lot, keeping the dongle with your armband can be a pain. No longer!

The clip on it's own

Our own Jake Chapeskie whipped up a little 3D-printable holder for you. The idea is that it clips right onto your Myo armband, and the dongle snaps in. You can grab the plans on Thingiverse.

The clip in action

Bam. Now you can carry your dongle with you wherever you go.

3D Printing?

We're big fans of 3D printing here at Thalmic Labs, and this blog post presupposes you have access to a 3D printer. A lot of you will, I expect, but if you've never printed anything before, well... Now might be a great time to start! If you aren't ready to take the plunge buying your own, perhaps you know someone that can print something for you. I think you'll find most people that own 3D printers at this point are quite eager to show them off, and a small bribe of delicious beer or baked goods will likely enable you to get anything you want printed.

If all your friends are lame, you may still be in luck. There are many services and spaces popping up nowadays that offer 3D printing. Around here, our own local library, the KPL, has a 3D printer anyone in the community can use. You may also have something like this near by! Take a looK! We are definitely living in the future.

Next time on #MyoCraft: We'll be one week EVEN FURTHER into the future, with another sweet project to show off. I can't wait to find out what it is. Think it's something you're working on? Drop us a line at

See you then!

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