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#MyoCraft: Automate your life with Myo for Tasker

#MyoCraft: Automate your life with Myo for Tasker

Doing stuff manually sucks. The Myo armband has the power to help with that, and in this week's #MyoCraft I'll show you how.

If you are an Android user and aren't aware of Tasker you are missing out. It's a powerful little application that lets you automate many aspects of your phone, and of your LIFE. Want to turn off wifi when you leave the house, and back on again when you get to work? Tasker. Want to automatically start Slacker when you connect to your car's Bluetooth stereo gateway and say goodbye to radio forever? Tasker. Want to play a sound every time your home automation system detects your door being unlocked while you are away? Tasker. And now, thanks to the Myo Tasker Plugin you can trigger actions with a wave of your hand.

That right there opens the door for a LOT of awesome integrations. Especially if you start tying into other hardware or one of the many compatible third party apps. But here's a simple and useful one you can make with JUST Tasker and a Myo armband: The Wireless Sefie.
Victoria Park I think it's fair to say that a lot of people enjoy taking photos of themselves. If you go to a cool place with some friends, yeah, snapping a sweet photo of everyone is awesome. But unless you brought a fancy camera with a remote trigger, you are pretty likely to be doing that on your phone, and at arms length (or slightly longer) using the crappy front facing camera. At that point all you can do is either smooth things over with a filter or two, or have a bad photo.

With the Myo Tasker Plugin, you can just set up a scene to trigger the rear camera with a gesture. Stand up your phone so it's facing the way you want and everything is framed correctly. Then jump into place and take a photo without having to touch the camera at all. Here's what you do.

  1. Grab Tasker, if you don't already have it

  2. Grab Myo Tasker Plugin

  3. Run the Myo Tasker Plugin to set up your Myo armband

    • Scan for your armband (making sure it's not connected to anything else) and connect to it
  4. Create a new Task in Tasker. Call it Take Photo

  5. Add a new action, pick Plugin -> Myo Tasker Plugin, then configure it to do a short vibration

  6. Add a new action, pick Media -> Take photo. Configure your photo options

  7. Add a new action, pick Plugin -> Myo Tasker Plugin, then configure it to do a long vibration

  8. Save that and create a new Profile. Go to Event -> Plugin -> Myo Tasker Plugin

  9. In configuration, pick a gesture. I chose double tap

  10. Save it, and pick the Take Photo task to activate.

  11. This what it all looks like if I export my setup:

Profile: Myo Photo (13)  
     Event: Add Myo Gesture [ Configuration:Double-Tap ]
Enter: Take Photo (12)  
     A1: Myo Action [ Configuration:Vibrate Short Package:com.damageddev.myotaskerplugin Name:Myo Action Timeout (Seconds):0 ] 
     A2: Take Photo [ Camera:Rear Filename:Tasker Naming Sequence:Series Insert In Gallery:On Discreet:Off Resolution:5312x2988 Scene Mode:Auto White Balance:Auto Flash Mode:Auto Focus Mode:Auto ] 
     A3: Myo Action [ Configuration:Vibrate Long Package:com.damageddev.myotaskerplugin Name:Myo Action Timeout (Seconds):0 ] 

Bam. Now just double tap to unlock your Myo armband, and double tap again to take a photo.

That's it for #MyoCraft today! Don't forget to submit your projects and ideas.

Otherwise, see you next week!

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