North (formerly Thalmic Labs), the creator of the Myo armband, was acquired by Google in June 2020. Myo sales ended in October 2018 and Myo software, hardware and SDKs are no longer available or supported. Learn more.

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New in Myo Connect: Gesture Overlay, Pointer Color and More!

New in Myo Connect: Gesture Overlay, Pointer Color and More!

We’re excited to share a fresh update to Myo Connect with you. In version 0.14.0, you’ll find a set of new features that help you get more out of your Myo armband when you’re presenting.

First, we’ve enabled the Myo Connect gesture overlay when you’re zoomed in on your presentation. Now you can easily see the status of your Myo armband - whether you’re zoomed in or out.

Speaking of the gesture overlay, we’ve also added a new feature that lets you set which display your overlay appears on. This is especially helpful if you have a confidence/preview display when you’re presenting. To access the feature, just go to Myo Connect > Armband Manager > Details.

We’ve also added a feature that enables you to set the color of your Myo pointer. To see the options, go to Myo Connect > Preferences > Presentation Mode.

For scripters, we’ve added the ability for developers to use pointer and zoom when creating Myo Connectors.

scriptId = 'com.thalmic.overlayPointer'


function onPoseEdge(pose, edge)

    if pose == "fist" and edge == "on" then
        myo.presentationPointer(not myo.presentationPointerEnabled(), true)

    if pose == "waveIn" and edge == "on" then
        myo.presentationPointerZoom(not myo.presentationPointerZoomActive())

    if pose == "waveOut" and edge == "on" then

-- Other callbacks

function onPeriodic()

function onForegroundWindowChange(app, title)
    return true

function activeAppName()
    return "Test overlay pointer"

function onActiveChange(isActive)

Love using the Keyboard Mapper? You can map Myo gestures to the pointer and zoom there too.

We also added support for the scroll wheel via myo.mouseScrollBy(scrolling). Look for a guide on that Saturday, in this week’s #MyoCraft.

Finally, the SDK itself was bumped for version 0.9.0, adding support to detect Battery level and warmup mode.

We look forward to sharing more and more updates. Don't forget to check out the Myo Market for more fun with Myo!

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