North (formerly Thalmic Labs), the creator of the Myo armband, was acquired by Google in June 2020. Myo sales ended in October 2018 and Myo software, hardware and SDKs are no longer available or supported. Learn more.


Raw EMG now available on iOS

Raw EMG now available on iOS

Want to capture raw EMG data from your Myo armband without being tied to a desktop? The new (0.5.0) Myo iOS SDK has you covered. Just use the new (void)setStreamEmg:(TLMStreamEmgType)type method on TLMMyo and you'll get the EMG signal from each of the Myo armband's 8 sensor pods coming in at 200Hz. I know a lot of you have been wanting to analyze muscle data during sports and other athletic activities: Now you can.

This will come to Android in the future, but the iOS implementation was ready, and we wanted to release the SDK now for another reason: There was a bug discovered in the old version that will make applications built with it incompatible with upcoming firmware. The API hasn't changed (other than the optional EMG features), you just need to update to the new SDK and re-compile. If you already have an iOS Myo application in the Myo Market you should already have received an email about it, but for those of you working on new apps, make sure you update to this SDK.

Enjoy your untethered EMG data!

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