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Submit Now, Get Swag

Submit Now, Get Swag

Update: The deadline has been extended. The new deadline to have your application submitted is December 31st 2014 at 11:59PM EST. The approval deadline moves back to February 28th 2015, also at 11:59PM EST.

The Myo Market is open for developer submissions! To celebrate that and help get things ready for end users, we’re running a special, limited-time offer. If you’re a registered Myo developer and you submit an application or script to Myo Market by 11:59pm EST of December 31st, 2014 and if your submission gets approved for Myo Market distribution by February 28th, 2015, we will send you a limited edition Myo t-shirt. This will likely be the only way for you to get one of these exclusive shirts, so act now!

It’s worth saying that submitting your application now doesn’t mean it needs to be completely done and polished. We’re going to be pretty strict on approvals, but by submitting early we can work with you to polish your application and get it approved before the final deadline. This benefits us all because a great storefront with a lot of awesome applications will ensure end users have a fantastic unboxing experience. Engaged users will keep using their Myo armband and stay in the market for more applications, which ultimately makes us all more successful. Plus, we wanted to give something to developers that took a leap with us by building applications for our crazy new armband gesture technology. We’re at the dawn of a new age in human computer interaction, and this t-shirt will show everyone that you were there on day one.

A few conditions to note:

  • One t-shirt per registered Myo developer. Multiple applications will not get multiple t-shirts.
  • You must have written the application/script yourself.
  • Your application needs to be SUBMITTED by December 31st at 11:59pm EST, 2014. Yes, that’s soon. It doesn’t take long though, get to it.
  • Your application/script needs to be approved for distribution (by us in accordance with the Myo Market Developer Distribution Agreement) by the end of February, 2015.  As I said above, we have a fairly high quality bar for the Myo Market.
  • We’re doing this in good faith to give something nice to our developer community. We reserve the right deny t-shirts to submitters we deem to be acting in bad faith. Honestly, just don’t try and scam us out of a bunch of free rare t-shirts. We’re very happy for you to have one if you put the effort into building a legitimate application or script.
  • If Thalmic Labs sends you a t-shirt, that does not represent a commitment by us in any way. Even if we send you a t-shirt, we’re not obligated to include or keep your app in the Myo Market. (The lawyers made me put this in)
  • When your application is approved, we’ll send you an email requesting your t-shirt size and shipping address. Thalmic will cover all shipping costs. Available t-shirt sizes will be limited to: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, while supplies last.

Pretty straight forward, so I won’t take anymore of your time. Questions? Head to this FAQ post in the Myo Market forums. Don’t know what you’re doing? It’s really easy to write  a Myo Script, try that! Otherwise, submit your application!

I look forward to seeing what kind of crazy things you’ve come up with.

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