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Top Ten Essential #MyoCraft Posts

Top Ten Essential #MyoCraft Posts

The Myo armband is a powerful piece of high technology. Unlike anything that's come before, it's a wearable device that tracks your arm movement and detects gestures by reading your muscles. Over the last six months of #MyoCraft, we've published a ton of tips and techniques you can use to get the most out Myo when building applications. While all of those articles are pretty good (if I do say so myself), some are definitely what I would call essential.

Let's take a look at ten of the very best.

10. Getting that Data

Mmm, data

People love data, and the Myo armband can capture a lot of it. It's not just quantity though: If you want to detect the activity of your forearm muscles, Myo is really the only game in town. In one of the most popular #MyoCraft posts ever, we give you a simple application that will capture all the motion and muscle data the Myo armband records and log it to the file system. We also give you the source so you can tweak and modify it however you see fit.

9. Getting that Data - Direct

Look at that sweet Bluetooth action

Why does the Myo Bluetooth Protocol contain four different EMG characteristics? Why does each sample return two full sets of EMG data? Being able to get the EMG data through the official SDK is great, but one of the awesome things about Myo is it's ability to connect to all sorts of different devices. If you want to know how to do it and get the EMG data, this post gives you the full scoop.



Myo is great for gaming. Unfortunately a lot of games do weird stuff with keyboard input. If you're writing a Myo Script for a game and it's just NOT recognizing your input, you may need AutoHotKey. Learn how to combine AHK and Myo Script in this handy post. Also, play Skyrim. FUS RO DAH!

7. Enter the Market

New application

Pro tip: When you are submitting an application to the Myo Market, make sure you have big enough image assets in the right aspect ratio. Messing that up is the fast track to rejection city, and it's one of the most common problems we see.

Avoid this and other common problems by following our handy guide. Getting an app on the Myo Market is actually really easy, just follow the steps!

6. Myo + Arduino = Fun


Would you like to control an Arduino project with a wave of your hand? Well, now you can. We walk you through what you need to do to hook things up. Also seen in this popular Instructables project.

5. 3D Printed Dongle Holder

Bluetooth adapter clip

How about a wearable for your wearable? I have a few different computers I use Myo with. Before you could just order new ones online, I had to make sure to bring my Bluetooth adapter with me to connect to each PC. Carrying it around was a bit of a pain, especially when my Myo armband itself just rode nicely on my arm. This 3D printed clip mounts on the armband itself, and has a perfect little slot for your dongle. Convenience! Now, I use it to carry a spare.

4. Flying lessons

Parrot ARDrone 2.0

No, not quite like this. Flying drones. We're big fans of recreational drones at Thalmic, and we wanted an easy way to fly the Parrot 2.0. With Myo Pilot now available, the script we wrote for the janky AutoFlight application is probably not that. But the real value in this script is the control scheme it uses. Want to control something that has forward/backward, strafe left/right, and turn? That's drones for sure, but lots of video games too. Just grab this script, point it at your app, change the hotkeys, and you're good to go.

3. Control your Media

Media Keys Ahh, the script that started it all. The first #MyoCraft post, but it's a good one. Global Media Keys is one of the most popular scripts (I know I use it ALL the time), and this shows you how to use the Media Key function built into Myo Script. Honestly, unless you are trying something like the 10 ft Experience (which is also really good), this is probably the final word on media keys. But I included it on this list because at the end of the day, it's awesome and you should probably be using it.

2. Fire in the hole!


Man, I love me some Counter-Strike. Playing it with Myo is hilarious and awesome, and as one of the more popular apps in the market, a lot of people agree. Still, the real reason this post exists was to explain how to do mouse clutch, which is pretty key for any FPS script. Well, it was like 90% of the real reason. Half at least. I mean, it was DEFINITELY a factor.

1. Myo Script Template


We've covered a lot of useful Myo Script techniques in The Lab. When we publish a script on #MyoCraft, part of what we're trying to do is add to your toolbox and give you a good place to start to in order to make scripts for similar applications. A different application is never going to be exactly the same though, and you can end up with a lot of extra baggage. So start with this template. Just the basics, all the callbacks implemented. Copy the parts you want from different scripts, write your own code to do what you need, and leave the rest.

That's it! It's worth mentioning that some of the other really posts in The Lab like the Myo Script tutorial series, the breakdown on the Bluetooth protocol and our guide to quaternions aren't on here because, well, they aren't actually part of #MyoCraft (which is more about highlighting cool projects and illustrating specific techniques).

What's your favourite #MyoCraft? Let us know in the comments!

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