North (formerly Thalmic Labs), the creator of the Myo armband, was acquired by Google in June 2020. Myo sales ended in October 2018 and Myo software, hardware and SDKs are no longer available or supported. Learn more.


Watch ARTUS control the ParrotAR 2.0 with node.js and Myo

Watch ARTUS control the ParrotAR 2.0 with node.js and Myo

[ARTUS interactive](Let's all celebrate and have a good time), one of the first digital brand building agencies founded in 1996, is based in Frankfurt Main / Germany. They build brands by planning, creating, developing, and implementing anything digital, and have worked for big brands like P&G and World Vision as well as smaller shops and startups.

When we started working with the Myo armband we’d already built arrow key controls for the ParrotAR 2.0 in Node.js, a super lightweight platform that’s fantastic for web applications.

Once we got our hands on a Myo armband we knew we needed to take it a step further. We created a way to communicate between the Myo armband, a Mac (Node Server), and the drone.

With the Myo Node.js library we were up and running fast using the Myo armband to gesture control our drone.

Myo gave us coordinates and motion commands through the gyroscope and the accelerometer. With those values (x, y, z) we could calculate the Euler angles to get clean values, and transform them into pitch, roll and yaw like an airplane.

The pitch axis was for flying back and forth, and the roll axis we used to move the drone left and right. To hover, we added a threshold between the axis commands to achieve a hover state. Then, we included gesture commands like “finger spread” to start the drone and “fist” to land.

After starting the drone, the “fingers spread” command was free (you wouldn’t start the drone again as long as it is flying) so we reused this command to ascend the drone. This was reset after using the “fist” command to land.

In our lab, we create “haptic” online experiences for products. For example, we created gesture-controlled product exploration tools for Braun shavers: we gave customers tactile ways to look at Braun shavers from multiple angles. On PCs we used webcams, on mobile we used movement of the device.

All these tools give consumers the freedom to easily explore products from all angles, even from the inside, within browsers or at the Point of Sale.

Myo, for us, is one of the next generation gadgets bringing our tools to the next level.

Part of what we do at ARTUS Interactive is try to bring about a new era of human-computer interaction: one that’s closer and more natural than it is today. In the future, you won’t pick up a controller, you will be the controller. It sounds philosophical now, but humans will extend their idea of “self”. While we empower people with new forms of control, technology gets more intuitive: feedback from machines is addressing our senses better, and as the human and digital worlds come closer together they fuse. We need devices like Myo and Oculus VR for these interactive experiences.

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